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Lady (Cash Johnny)

Lady your arms're always warm and your bed was always ready when I came Lady in the middle of the night You would open up when you'd hear me call your name And you were always there to see the turning of my key And your laughing voice to me was like a song Lady your spirit's sweet and free it's hanging on with me now that I'm gone Lady you spoke softly and kind and you never had a word to criticize Lady you know I love you so even more than I ever let you be alive And day or night I knew that I could bring it all to you And if I was wrong you'd never put me down Lady so much I could say but I can't find the way to write it down Can't find the way to write it down The days and the miles roll by In Denver the Rambler and the Fisherman are tired of the road And ready for whatever the city and the night have to offer They check into a cheap hotel and go right to the bar downstairs It's Saturday night and the city's alive They've been in the bar four hours now and it's nearly closin' time [Fisherman] Hey give me another Coors how about you Angie [Bargirl 1] I don't like beer [Fisherman] Wow man I believe the little lady here wants champagne [Bargirl 2] Hey yeah could I have champagne [Rambler] Do you think we're a couple of bankers here or somethin' [Bargirl 1] I like that [Fisherman] Abracadabra abracadabra Coors you're no longer Coors you're champagne [Rambler] Man I've had enough of this [Bargirl 1] Hey where are you goin' [Rambler] Good night [Bargirl 2] Hey you're not goin' are you you were buyin' me a drink [Fisherman] Hey give me another Coors [Bargirl 1] But I don't like beer [Fisherman] That ain't beer honey that's Coors [Rambler] Well the barman's right Beer the bar girls too much beer I must be seein' things I saw you sittin' on a barstool lady and I looked up and you were gone You didn't like beer either did you lady liked champagne neither did you lady In Denver Colorado fancy town for a fancy lady like you Hey maybe she's out there somewhere hey lady hahaha Hey I ran maybe she ran maybe I did see her downstairs Maybe she's drownin' her blues like I did Hey maybe I did see her down there havin' a ball somewhere comin' up to me Yeah maybe she'll be comin' yeah maybe she'll be comin'