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Reflections (Cash Johnny)

Never in this world before or nevermore hereafter Could a land know such a people as the pioneer the cowboy His clothes his conversation his unique brand of lingo All his devil deeds of daring his hat his bandana the dirty boots and ragged chaps But mainly that sixgun dangling so's his hand could get it quickly But draw your own conclusions lean to your own understandings Your beliefs and your convictions Disprove any fact recorded in these sounds and songs and legends But I ask you if you do be sure you've walked in many mocassins Over many many pathways and that you have listened carefully Really listened to the west wind and to everything it whispers And then go back and listen listen to this once more to these legends and traditions They're only one reflection of a tick of time of that time Just ponder on the things that happened As we gaze so very deeply in the time and place and persons Seeing now and then the West as it really was And to tell you of a little that we saw there And looking backward through a century There was the True West there was the Real True West Not demanding an argument but rather hoping you looked with us And saw it as we saw it And heard that west wind screaming shouting almost speaking Always whispering of these things we sang and spoke of And you'll hear perhaps the things the we said in the stories And the legends and traditions Through the wind that breeze these tales of the ones who never made it Yet fighting heat and mountains plains and valleys snow and hunger They went westward westward westward