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Rodeo Hand (Cash Johnny)

He's a rodeo hand a dyin' breed driftin' like a tumble weed Rollin' where the urge tells him to go And all this cowboy really needs is a tank of gas and entry fees To get him to the next big rodeo Now most athletes take alfalfa pills and super B's A cowboy don't need all that motern stuff A cowboy's gotta be lean and mean he trains on caffine and nicotine And them all night drives help to make him tough He's underfed and under paid and too damn hungry to be afraid Some where between the crazy and insane Cowboys ain't afraid pf dyin' shoot he'd even ride a red eyed Lion If you'd show him where to take the rein Now the only coach a cowboy needs is a growlin' gut that says come on let's eat So tonight cowboy you better make a winning ride Bout the only thing that makes him go Is that big gold buckle waitin' down the road And a bad case of too much cowboy pride