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Route No.1, Box 144 (Cash Johnny)

His dying barely made the morning paper And they summed it up in twenty words or more Killed in action leaves wife and baby At Route 1 Box 144 He grew up on a little farm just a couple of miles out of town As a boy he worked in his daddy's field And when his daddy could spare him He hired out to the neighbors For whatever they could pay him He was thought of as just average a good boy Nothing more the average amount of friends He married his high school sweetheart They brought a little plot of ground Couple of miles out of town on a mailbox it said Route 1 Box 144 Well back in town there were very few people that really knew him Because he hardly ever came to town Except for maybe on Saturdays of course the usual crew was always there But he didn't spent a lot of times with the usual crew He took care of his business Bought what he had to have or could afford for his family And went back to his little farm With a baby on the way he went to the army and it was a short while That the news came that he was killed in action His body was sent back on a plane and then by train And then they brought the body from the train station To Route 1 Box 144 He never did great things to be remembered He'd never been away from home before But you'd've thought that he was president or something At Route 1 Box 144