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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Second Honeymoon (Cash Johnny)

I walked up to the desk And asked the man about a room I asked about the bridal suite I told him I'm the groom Then I took the elevator To the floor I was assigned I fumbled with the key The way I did that other time Inside I thought of all the Things that started in this room But I'm alone on our Second honeymoon I hear the happy people Laughing in the street below But the loneliness I feel tonight I hope you never know The life that wasn't happy Song has ended much too soon I'm alone on our second honeymoon I look around the room and See you standing everywhere The fragrance from your Bridal flowers seem to fill the air The blushing bride that gave me Such a free and eager kiss Two loving arms around me As you offered wedded bliss We said that we'd return To live it over in this room but I'm alone on our second honeymoon (Alone on our second honeymoon)