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She Came From The Mountains (Cash Johnny)

She came from the mountains Rocky Mountains eagle-high She's from where the mountains lean up to the sky Now she's back among the Rockies where mountain thunders cry Now the wind from off the mountains wails a sad goodbye Once in Colorado Springs at the foot of old Pike's Peak I met a Rocky Mountain girl to my soul her heart let speak We went to tell her parents and an old grandmother said If you'll leave these mountains girl you'll wish that you were dead The next day I took her with me to my far-off Iowa home Way out on the flatlands where the mountain winds don't moan Each footstep we took was happy or at least it shoudn't been But I would find her listening for that same lone mountain wind She came from the mountains... Months passed as fast as antelopes until one fatal dismal dawn I walked to see morning sun shine down on where she was gone I'd known that lately she'd been sad women sometimes get that way I hadn't guessed how much was wrong until that fatal day She had left the weeping letter homesick with mountain names She was somewhere in the Rockies and I knew I'd been to blame So now in Colorado Springs I wait near old Pike's Peak Where once I met a mountain girl that mountain girl I seek She came from the mountains...