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Smiling Bill McCall (Cash Johnny)

Well, the whole town listened to the radio For the Smiling Bill McCall Show Everyone in Nashville Was listenin' to Bill I don't want to be layin' in bed When they pronounce me dead He'd stand and breathe in the microphone With his guitar hangin' to his knee bone All the girls just sat and dreamed When Bill began his sing I don't want my hat to be hung When my last song is sung But he never let fame go to his head "This is Smiling Bill McCall", he said "Gonna pick and sing a song or two You all listen till I'm through" And if you're at the house or in your car Tune in this time tomorrow To all the boys he was a big hero They'd glue their ears to the radio Then talkin' a most unusual drawl Imitatin' Bill McCall Daddy, can I get me a guitar 'Cause I want to be a star The girls would say of Bill McCall Why I bet he's over six feet tall Handsomest man in Nashville They said of Smiling Bill He won't be plantin' potato slips When he cashes in his chips Then one day Bill didn't make the show Didn't even show up for a week or so The station's boss said to city hall "Find Smiling Bill McCall" It won't be hard to track him down He's got the biggest feet in town Well, there's a creek that runs through Nashville And on the bank they found Smiling Bill He's committin' suicide But they grabbed him before he tried "Turn me loose, I want to jump", he screamed "'Cause I can't stand that theme" Let this be my final breath 'Cause I'm scared to half to death" The big brave Smiling Bill McCall Is only four feet tall I'd rather be in the river dead Than to hear 'em laughin' at my bald head