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Southern Comfort (Cash Johnny)

I've been a thrill seeking rambler And often came into this town But the thrills were too high for my little sky So I dug in and I've settled down And I got a good job in Nashville No way they can pay me enough For grindin' up tobacco leaves Making brut and snuff Southern comfort is killin' me I'm slowly chokin' in Tennessee I shovel the snuff until late afternoon Then I crawl with the traffic and I choke on its fumes And fall on the face when I get to my room Southern comfort is killin' me I met a woman in Nashville For a while we were carryin' on She'd washed snuff out of my shirts every night And keep me with clean ones on But I guess she got tired of tobacco At least of the regular kind Now I'm still workin' where nicotine And memories are burnin' in my mind And Southern comfort is killin' me The Cumberland cannot enhermit each bee I'm sniffin' and dippin' and livin' alone I smell funny smoke and I know where she's gone She's in some other county now proving her own Southern comfort is killin' me Southern comfort is killin' me