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Sweet Betsy From Pike (Cash Johnny)

(Didli ai di ai didl didli ai di ai dei) Oh, do you remember sweet Betsy from Pike She crossed the big mountains with her lover Ike With two yoke of oxen and a big yellow dog And a tall Shanghai rooster and one spottled hog. Didli ai di ai didl didli ai di ai dei They soon reached the desert where Betsy gave out And down in the sand she lay rolling about While Ike in great tears looked on in surprise Saying Betsy get up you'll get sand in your eyes. Didli ai di ai didl didli ai di ai dei Betsy got up in the great deal of pain She said she'd go back to Pike County again But I gave a sigh then he fondly embraced And he traveled along with his arm round her waist. (How can sweet Betsy went out to the dance And Ike poor a fellow he's down at his pance) Betsy was dressed up in ribbons and rings Said Iken you're an angel but where are your wings. Didli ai di ai didl didli ai di ai dei Well, the miner said Betsy will you dance with me She answere I will if you want make two free I can't dance too hard do you want to know why Because I'm so full of that strong out cooli. Ike and sweet Betsy got married of course But Ike was so jealous he gotta divorce And Betsy well satidfied said with a shout Goodbye forever I'm glad you've backed out. Didli ai di ai didl didli ai di ai dei...