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The Alamo (Cash Johnny)

C G7 C G7 C G7 C G7 1. A hundred and eighty were challenged by Travis to die By the line that he drew with his sword when the battle was nigh F C Any man that would fight to the death, cross over But if you wanna live, you better fly C G7 C G7 C G7C G7 And over the line stepped a hundred and seventy nine F C R: Hey, Santa Ana, we're killing you're soldiers below F C G7 C G7 C So men, wherever they go, will remember the Alamo 2. Old Bowie lay dyin', his powder was ready and dry Flat on his back, Bowie killed him a few in reply And young Davy Crockett was smilin' and laughin' with gallantry tears in eyes For God and for freedom, a man more than willing to die R: Hey, Santa Ana... 3. They sent a young scout from the battlements bloody and loud With the words of farewell from a garrison valiant and proud Grieve not little darlin', my dyin', if Texas is sovereign and free We'll never surrender and ever will liberty be R: Hey, Santa Ana...