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The Cowboy Who Started The Fight (Cash Johnny)

The legs on the lady a walkin' was tanned to a dark berry brown Her body was made like a song to be played to the tune of a million a pound So was a wonder of a woman I reckon and she sure screwed her head on right The toast of the world was the long legged girl and the cowboy who started the fight He'd just pulled into town in an old green 1953 Chevrolet pickup truck With whiskey bumps all over it and the right front fender falling off He coasted on into a no parking zone Got out and took the keys and chunked 'em down a gutter Turned around and just walked off He allowed how his time had been wasted on drinking and running around He spent half his life searchin' barrooms at night For the sweetheart that he never found It was plain from the moment their eyes met they'd wind up in each others arms The lady's young life was laid open that night And the cowboy drank deep of her charms Singing hey-hi-de-he from the depths of the sea to the mountains so hollering high I've found the best one under God's given sun yeah the cowboy got lucky tonight While the angel beside him lay sleeping he silently thanked God above For being a kind hearted father and blessing his love with her love For one night of love with that woman was more than he knew he deserved So he found all he had left worth givin' and he gave all he had left to her He slid back inside his ole levi's and he filled up his boots with his feet While the subways beneath New York City screamed through the veins of the street For the lady gave up without question the trophy she saved all her life Then she curled up beside his old weather worn hide And the cowboy just laid down and died Hey-hi-de-hi with a whoop through the street as his soul slowly winged out of sight The lady was torn from the child bein' born and the cowboy found heaven that night The lady was torn from the child bein' born and the cowboy found heaven that night