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The Fable of Willie Brown (Cash Johnny)

Well I knew a boy named Willie Brown He was A lover of our town Wherever he went the girls fell down, And cryed for Willie Brown Crazy about Willie Brown Tall and dark and lean and long Big as a bull and twice as strong, He loved the girls and turned them down, A sheek was Willie Brown Dang sheek Willie Brown Well a new girl moved in on our street, We knew that she and Will would meet, But when we inquired around she had not met Willie Brown, She said who's Willie Brown, The prettiest girl you ever saw head to Toe without A flaw, When we met one night in town she fell for Willie Brown, In love with Willie Brown, But the trouble was that We all knew Willie Brown was falling too Then He announced When June comes around She'll marry Willie Brown She's in love With Willie Brown. But then the girl denied it all,she said Its true that I did fall but he took my love for granted now To heck with Willie Brown, conceided Willie Brown, Willie Brown was shocked to learn that his love had at last been spearned So on a Hill ouside of town we buried Willie Brown, we buried Willie Brown