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The Singing Star's Queen (Cash Johnny)

Now Waylon is a singer a record sellin' star the ladies love him and his band Oh he sings like a bird and he plays a fine guitar But I doubt that he's a home lovin' man You oughta see his woman she's really a queen he buys her the finest of clothes For you talk about beauties like none you ain't seen When Waylon's gone she lets me know When he's gone a singing I'm gone with his queen spreadin' his money around But if you'll look for me and I can't be seen you'll know that Waylon's back in town When Waylon's gone a singing I'm wearin' his suit I smoke his imported cigars I like his woman wear out his boots I chauffeur his limousine cars When he's making money he has to stay gone but if you should hear that he's around Go buy his latest record or go see his show help me keep ol' Waylon out of town When Waylon's out singing I'm gone with his queen... Starkle starkle little twink Waylon's the greatest star I think Bring him to your town join his fan club the journal you get the journal every year A dollar is about all is costs don't you dare miss it come see Waylon