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What Have You Got Planned Tonight, Diana (Cash Johnny)

It all started in 1929 me and Diana had gone to Alaska To homestead some of that free government land Forty miles from the nearest gravel road we cut our life in the ponderosa pines We sweated hard to beat the winter snow But the cabin's up and we've got lots of times What have you got planned tonight Diana would you consider laying in my arms I love you more than ever now Diana I'm sure you're the reason I was born Jim was born the first year we were here look at him Diana he's almost grown And the baby's in the cradle fast asleep just think in no time they'll be up and gone What have you got planned Well time sure does fly by doesn't it Diana It's been almost two years now since you've been gone Think children grew up so fast But I guess they deserve to see the world now don't they But you know Diana remembering how you loved me And how much I love you I don't feel so alone What have you got planned What have you got planned