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You And Tennessee (Cash Johnny)

Like a sweet rippling mountain stream Goes the sound of the banjo on Cripple Creek Never beginning never ending just rippling on and on So does the land just ripple on and on As a heart gets soft on a woman So can the heart get soft on the land And to fall in love with a woman As well as the land is to surely be in love I stayed away too long I know And every day was slow to go Every night I dreamed I was here It's been a mighty lonely year Every mile I needed you I kinda hope that you needed me too Everywhere I saw your face around Every town I was in This old familiar place welcomed me again Back to where I belonged To be back to you and Tennessee Back to you and Tennessee Beside the Cumberland River Where the grass is soft and sweet We ran across the fields of cedar Hiding from the noisy streets And when the leaves fell from the cold The stars were silver the moon was gold I said it's yours with love from me I'm planting my roots in this ground And when they look for me I'll be found With something that is part of me You and Tennessee Back with you and Tennessee