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Midnight Queen (Sarcófago)

She was a simple girl, coming from a simple town Still a child she started to work She never had time for school Had a boyfriend, young, Unemployed, wasted and stoned Expelled from home for moralistic reasons She started to live with him She was only 16, trying to live with misery Day after day, wasting her life She decided to sell her body Walking down corners and dark lanes Night lights dazzles her mind Crime and voilence on her way Soon she was the queen of the night Midnight queen, alone in the night Always dreaming of better days Midnight queen, trying to survive But so many thorns on her way Midnight queen, I'm sorry for you life, For your sorrow, for your fate Midnight queen Dreaming of better days That will never come Another night has just begun Into drugs and booze she throws herself Trying to escape from reality She won't escape Found in a motel room Her sweet blood everywhere A few bucks on her body And around her neck Tied with a dead know Hang a lash