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The Phantom (Sarcófago)

So many centuries before A stigmatized child was born Legends and fables are told The truth nobody knows A humble child With (a) weak mind Goodness in his heart Does goodness exist? Revolution through peace Love among worms Impossible ideals Does peace exist? Two thousand years have past Nothing that was told was learned The phantom continues Nailed at the same hill Jesus never will come back His soul cries in agony (does) the agony exist? (does) the phantom exist? A being like that. The perfect man? A lot of ideals. No answers for nothing He preached the impossible Showed us the darkness Why we are so sad? Does sadness exist? Are you happy? Are you happy? Poor insane You got no conscience About the cancer that devours your soul See yours friend, see your parents All infected with the virus of life Don't worry about them Don't worry about you The cure is near Just take a look to the lead of your gun