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A Knife Between Us (Vulture Industries)

Know my brother that this is not something which I will enjoy, but I have to defend what your reckless soul risks to destroy. I'd love to love you but there is a knife between us. You put it there. I realize that i Hold the handle, while you stand at the bitter end of this blade between us, I wish I could, but I cannot bend. Even through my burden compels me, it comforts me in my troublesome chore. I know you find this gruesome, well it's also something I abhor. All know the furnace must be fed. there is a logic to the fact that the furnace must be fed. There is an infallible logic to the fact that the clattering bones of the willingly mislead is a suitable fuel to light up the dusk that lies ahead. All men know, and all agree. I hope that you see my regrets are profound. This is no wish of mine, but I am duty bound. It stands to reason that each wrong must be corrected, and each straying soul must be collected. I curse and I howl, but I am duty bound, so I bury my guilt deep beneath a glorious mound. I curse you for that knife between us, that wedge you drove deep down within us.