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Soulcage (Vulture Industries)

Damned once, condemned to be forgotten. Locked into this cage, I struggle and struggle infused with rage. I can smell the sea, these chains won't keep me. Damned twice and locked into this soulcage, I cry out in anguish, as my soul starts changing shape. These bastard thoughts were never mine. Embrace, internalize the crime. Damned thrice supposedly conformed My body aches as I embrace these bastard norms. I can smell the sea, these chains won't keep me. I can think and breathe These bloody chains won't keep me. I sought the Devil out as I realized what I'd become. I sought redemption, but all I could find was the devils trail. And there I followed in the devils tail With all my demons now immortalized, with them my pains. And misery came in my wake. I, All of my innocence has died, this here is not my mind. I, While I was locked up there I died, became a soulcaged mind.