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Rainy Days (Lil Cuete)

[Chorus] I overcame rainy days, in my life Didn't need you here any ways I'll be fine Just as long the sun keeps shining my way I'ma be alright, I'ma be OK [Verse 1:] You tell me you love me and you can't get enough But then you call me and tell me that were breaking up Look what you do to me Seems like you're out to ruin me And every time you lie, you make a fool of me Change your ways girl, you'll probably lose me It's not a game girl, cause you'll be losing A good thing and you don't have to explain But you have to take responsibility for the pain, you gave me I thought you'll always be my lady You tell me to hold on, and like a fool I keep on waiting It's alright though, I'll find someone new And if that's the way you want it, then the choice is on you But just remember that I didn't need you around I kept you cause I love you not for you to put me down, I bet you see now How a man could grow strong and if loving you was wrong Then I got to move on. [Chorus] [Verse 2:] I guess it wasn't really meant to be But I'm glad it happened now cause it would happen eventually It's sad to see it didn't end how I wanted It's sad to see I wasn't the one you wanted I guess I got to start over and try Start with someone new, like a girl that won't lie and break my heart like you did It's a shame, nobody ever made me feel the way that you did I'm caught up in the middle of a feeling that I know I can't get rid off But you take yourself away from me And I can't understand cause you're still unhappy Even though I tried my best to make you happy You say I don't deserve you, you don't deserve me You're the type of girl that would do something just to hurt me And yeah I guess it's true I don't know much about you But I do know one thing that I'll do better without you [Chorus] [Verse 3:] You see I learned my lesson and the outcome was true Even though you love someone, doesn't mean they love you So before you give yourself to someone else Make sure they love you and nobody else And this I tell you so you don't get hurt A lot of men do know what a women is worth He'll give up all his covers and sleep out in the rain He would help her through her problems and take away your pain I know Cause that's the type of man I am, I'm the type of man that would take a lady by your hand And show her, that I wanna get to know her Tell her that she's beautiful and then I wanna hold her Eventually, it all be that way and I'll walk up to her and ask her her name My name is Cuete It's really nice to meet you I was wondering if one day I could kick it with you [Chorus]