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Human (Criss Darren)

I feel like a loser I feel like I'm lost I feel like I'm not sure If I feel anything at all But believe me I'm not helpless I just need someone to love So my situation's rough That just makes me a dumb human Like you. I feel like a shortstop Along third base I may just help you but I still don't like your face But believe me I'm not hostile I just want to hear you laugh When I'm sarcastic like that And that just makes me a dumb human Like you. Why... do I have this Incredible need to stand up and say Please pay attention? It's the last thing that I need to Make myself see well That ain't my intention No... I feel like an artist Who's lost his touch He likes himself in his art But not his art too much But believe me I've got something I just don't know how to say That I'm just fine with the way With the way that I'm moving But that just makes me a dumb human That just makes me That makes me a human like you...