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I don't mind (Criss Darren)

Baby I don't care The what, when, how, or where Folks may try to laugh and make a fuss They'll try to make shit hard for us But darling, I don't care Darling, I don't mind What they think they'll find Of all the secrets they have told, At least I've still got you to hold So, darling I don't mind I don't give a damn If they can't understand Of all the things that we have learned They're nothing as far as I'm concerned So I don't give a damn Cause I'll be the one to hold you When the nights are cold And although I know I told you I will tell you forevermore that Babe, it ain't no thing That viper venom sting Cause even if it got your goat I'd kiss you with the antidote So babe, it ain't no thing Darling, I don't care Baby I don't, baby I don't mind