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Heaven's Mentality (The Cross Movement)

[Prelude: The Ambassador] God's viewpoint, that's what heaven's mentality is It's synonymous with the biblical term "the mind of Christ." Thinking like he thinks about everything And the bible does speak about everything And it's the final authority on it Get your Christ on... .(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!) Come on fellas!” [Chorus] Yeah I got it, yeah I want it Yeah I need it, yeah I'm on it Yeah I like this, it's the hypest It's the brand new mind of the righteous (2x) [The Ambassador] Feel the vibe of a new wave of thought We fall short but the lord god pays child support. 'Caught up in the rapture of love' A whole family that's been bought by the blood And a new mindset is what God gives them Brand new rules and new tools for the livin' On this earth encased in a dirt prison A new talk with the cross sought as the wisdom I stopped wishin' for the 'ole time religion Now I'm drawn to the Bread of Life like a pigeon The Risen Son, He's the reality So make way y'all for Heaven's Mentality [Chorus] [The Ambassador] It really gets to me How the world rejects the God of history Knowing it's the tree that gives the victory And it's the key that unlocks the voice box to say, "love lifted me” Now it's the three, person identity called the Trinity, rollin' for infinity But you know we love death not life Wrong not right, dark not light It's called depravity, it's rotten like a cavity Don't get mad at me, sin's got the gravity Pulling us down, every life form All the way from Adam to the last life born On and on and only through bloodshed Could sin be turned to snow white from blood red Someone said, "life's a 'b' then you die” That's because you're not reborn, realize Accept Christ, and new life is imparted Biblecentric thought is the target (buh!) And what this breeds is God pleasers yeah fanatics for Jesus! Watch us come down It's the believers who's stompin' ya town Rippin' it for Jesus And The Cross Movement represents lovely Not too concerned with what you think of me I break out like an allergy And indeed I see the need for the bleedin' at Calvary So while Christ hangs in your art gallery Mad souls are being lost like a calorie So it's time to go public for He who Is the light with the keen sight that can see through All of the modern day pharisees 'The author and the finisher' of Heaven's Mentality! [Interlude] "Heaven's Mentality: thinking God's thoughts For 'His thoughts are not our thoughts His ways are not like our ways.'" [Chorus] [The Ambassador] Don't panic, don't get frantic, understand it Single handedly the Three rule the planet And it's the "Triune Clique” That rose thick that our crew gets wit' We do be quick to make a duplicate copy Bondservants of the same God we serve All up in his word, so we got the Knack to put Christ in ya cypha', ya circle The word flows everywhere we go Universal-ly, we be free servin' God you can see these Lives bein' watched by the world like TV's As we represent, the True King Excellent Not a next event, He rules in the present tense The I am, I slam for the savior Incarnate flava', the Alpha Omega The Bleeda' the Infinite Leader, the whole Wide world's Judge and Redeemer of souls Check the avenue, Cross Movement's grabbin' you Not a braggin' crew We just want to tap into ya mental State of credentials Of a man with a better life insurance plan than Prudential Plus, trust, follow him like a stencil The joint, always on point like a pencil Get this new mind and flaunt it Once you got it, you want it, you need it, you on it! [Chorus] (2x) Yeah, I got it!