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Hey Y'all (The Cross Movement)

[Chorus] Hey y'all, hey y'all, hey y'all hey y'all What's the deal? What's the haps? Whatcha' say y'all? Hey y'all, hey y'all, hey y'all, hey y'all I know the truth, I know the life, I know the way [Verse One] I figured somebody thinks it took Kanye to get us God spitters the kind of shine that proves that God's with us Nah player, God's rare It's typical God here He makes sure His glory is clear in all spheres and sections He shows up where you least expect him This Lord's the blesser yep - and He's the blessin' He likes flexin' cause He's perfection You see these perfections in each direction After seein' them things look bleak I'm guessin' Cause you see 'em and you see you need correction Then you feel like the writer of Psalm 12 The godly's no more, it's so raw it seems like people just want hell [Chorus] [Verse Two] The hood can be a beautiful thing But with no Christ in the city it ain't pretty what the future would bring We need more than Malcom X and Martin Luther the King We need "Davids" walkin' the pavement with truth in their sling And no matter what hood we stroll We're like the kid that everywhere he looked he only saw tootsie rolls We see a chance to give people a reason for the hope of believers Cause though they're breathin' these hopeless people are grievin' In the streets some are numb but others are still bothered At the unfit mothers and the unskilled fathers That's why we plug Christ like an unskilled barber Rap artists who harvest some plant and some will water But God'll make it grow and it won't stop If He's the center like the gum in a blow pop Remember you're eternal but your dough's not Your rims, your Timbs, your brims and your clothes rot [Chorus] [Verse Three] I like to brag on my Righteous Dad Who saves from the Einsteins to the psychopaths To the dudes that conclude all of life's so bad To the slums, to the ones that moved out to the nice ol' pad And I spit it as a regular dude Spit after chewin' Holy Writ and this is my regular food Plus I get with a crew that gets with Him too We'll get with you even if you never step in a pew And it's been like this since I was seven To the point where they now sense I'm a reverend But I tell 'em til I'm in heaven I'm reppin' the God who changes lives like 9/11 [Chorus]