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Live Agua (The Cross Movement)

[Tonic] Let it flow for the old and young and Goo goo, Gaa gaa, cause all can Take in the Agua The living water The beverage of the Most High So let God be true and every man be a lie But, first let us take a pause to give Honor Before we let the Spirit heat it up like a sauna Oh Susanna, God is Great Thank you Lord for coming incarnate And, you are every-thing And every-thing Definitely is you, And Ahh-Ohhh! Word to Shem And Ham And Jepheth Descendents thereof watch your steppeth Cause some want you to hateth, and bucketh, and killeth and won't parley until a lot of blood spillith But willith thoueth, illeth noweth And be judged by the ref for the technical fouleth and Woweth, I guess your really out there brethren And refuse to remove that eyelid covering And yo, you need to refocus Geeth I'm covered in the blood and you still can't seeth Meeth, and Weeth, and who Christ beeth Man, Prophet, or the Almightieth And Time will tell, but as for now you better ease on down And, ease on down to The Well Of all you do make this your goal quench that thirst deep down in your soul with The Agua [Chrous] The Living, the water, the flowing, the flowing, the living the water Live Agua [Repeat] It's Agua Live [Repeat] [Tonic] And, gotta keep coming Gotta keep slamming Who's serving God and who's serving mammon Do you die of famine or do you die of thirst Well in this context they both be cursed Cause the water is the bread and the bread is the water Get a 40 of Christ in your life style order Giving you more energy than Gatorade Cause there ain't a sports drink that's eternal made Yeah, easy on your stomach and no blotation And No belch, and no burp, and no carbonation Check out your drink and check the other flavors and I betcha ain't one that compares with the Savior's and You drank down drugs and your still need more Too much wine?, it's coming back up out on the floor, and You drank down lust and you said yummy yummy Now there's a live human being growing in your tummy So will you be a mommy or will you be a mummy Guzzling down death with the dead and the dummies Or the fools, is what the Bible calls them And brothers you can't hide behind the yes, yes, yalls It's plain And, clear And quenching living, water, flowing, so act like you know And Ask the Savior for a big ole cup and just, Drink, Drink, Drink, Drink, Drink it up [Chorus] [Tonic] Don't need no ice, no sugar, no blender No Jordan, No Jackson, No Lou Alcinder Cause the, Spirit of God will endorse it The Everlasting Spring, the Forever and ever faucet Won't slur your speech, won't blur your sight Cause He's real filling and yet He's real light So check it: So Tonight, Tonight Just let Him be better than Coke Cause He's the real thing Learn about the real Always Before you sing If you looking to Christ saying, "Save me, Save me" Then you got the right one, Baby! So when the taste test is through, in the review Some will say, "I like the Christ in you." And you can sit back like a super duper Star And just say, "AH!" [Chorus] [Outro] We praise Him in Hip-Hop, Meringue, Salsa If you doing some evil, nasty Lambada You drinking devil juice, instead of Live Agua