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Questions (The Cross Movement)

[Tru-Life] Yeah, Wassup Tru-Life Here Lotta Questions... I'm not the Lord But I do have some answers 'cuz I do read His word So if you wanna talk, we can do it. Lets go (Intro) My mission here today is to make sure That everything stays clear, everything stays secure This session I will answer some questions And when I'm done, hope some will trust their life to perfection Get'cha pen and pads, I wanna erase doubt Yeah, we look different, but from the inside out We all twins, 'cuz since this life began We needed somebody to pay our price for sin (I wanna know!) Why people are so evil? (I wanna know!) The difference in rich and poor people? (I wanna know!) Why do the good die young? (I wanna know!) Why that boy Immatel was hung? (I wanna know!) Is it wrong for me to touch my girl? (I wanna know!) Does Satan really rule this world? (I wanna know!) Why they ensalved my people? (I wanna know!) Are all men created equal? Firstly, our hearts are dirty, blood thirsty Rather kill a man than lend a hand when hurting To most people, cash makes you who you are But you can ask the biggest, richest, star Are they really really happy with all they've got? 9 out of 10 are still searchin' and will tell you they're not God gives life, that means he can also take it We can't choose the time, Hes got a pattern he made it Which bring me to a topic I've hated for years Even brought me to tears, till God made it so clear The young boy died, 'cuz someone lied Our hearts are dark man, and thats the reason why Be careful 'cuz touchin leads to feeling And feeling leads to feelings That suggest the need for sexual healin Sex is meant for married people So no matter what, no ring? No situation is equal Satan knows the heart of man But don't get it twisted, he too is just a part of the plan And so is people bein beaten, shackeled, and lassl'ed Those who had the power made others lives a hassle And yes, we're created equal We come from dust, and all start with a heart thats evil I just put the canvas, up on the easel But hold tight, 'cuz im'ma paint a picture, unbeleivable (I wanna know!) Man, why does God hate me? (I wanna know!) Why did he even make me? (I wanna know!) Tell me, why am I here? (I wanna know!) Is Jesus real, is he near? (I wanna know!) Why are there so many religions? (I wanna know!) When I get dissed, why I forgive 'em? (I wanna know!) Tell me, is heaven real? (I wanna know!) If I say no, whats the deal? The Lord doesnt hate you, he hates the sin that dwells 'Cuz ever since Adam fell The ones he created to chill with and call children Have long since been all about themselves You're here because hes given you a chance To accept His Sons hand for eternal romance (Check the history books) He's the one to do it Died, and rise, and got the holes to prove it The trees you see, and the air you breathe Didnt happen, those are compliments of the King And because they can't touch, or feel Him They creates states of spirituality to try and reveal Him The Lord is the only perfect whos liven Without forgivness remember there would be no forgiven Heaven is a place, and not a state of mind But needs an access pass, given by The Divine You have the option to decline invitation But they why engage in this conversarion? You have the option to decline invitation But they why engage in this conversarion? I wanna know! x 8