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On the Road to Freedom (Lee Alvin)

I'm on the road to freedom On the road to love Yonder can you see them Who they're thinking of I met a rich man on the road He told me where to go To get my hands upon some gold But I still answered no 'Cause freedom waits for me ahead Your gold will slow me down I smiled as I walked on my way And left him with a frown I met an old man on the road His eyes were clear and wise Can you direct me on my way To where the answer lies I'm looking for the road to freedom So I can be free He said keep thinking as you walk And one day you will see I'm on the road to freedom On the road to truth Yonder can you see them Wasting precious youth I thought as I walked down the road Of what the man had said It seems to me that what he meant Is freedom's in your head The road I walk along is time It's measured out in hours And now I need not rush along I stop to see the flowers Stop to smell the flowers