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To Be Loved (Joan as Police Woman)

I'm so happy to be loved Throw me down and light me there 'Cause I'm an awful mess I haven't a care We're eternity, oh I feel the sigh on Every breath that's met us here This night dreams fantastic And it's ours my dear And you love me too How on earth could you have found me Huddled under grapes of wrath I will never know but forever ask How I got so lucky All this time proceeding Silent in processional The words they escape me Through my singing cage Of how I love you too It's safe to be alone and be lonely But I found a gun with no safety And I am going to shoot down My ghost town completely 'Cause I know there's a place for us I made it, I made it I am through with sharing all my love I have outgrown crowding up my house When you found me I could not be loved But then I found me and I'm happy to be loved