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Sleeping with Death (Reflexion)

Her face so white and pale, she's sleeping with death Her eyes like mirrors of pain Lost her will to try Rather stays in bed Counting her last days The beautiful smile is wiped away No one answers when she prays The same thought inside her head: "Please let me be or take me away" Mother cries beside her bed Where is God when I need His help? The life of her child is fading away The time is running out, the end is near It's time for her last wish Hand on her heart her mother swears: "I'll do anything" But she's already speaking to herself Now beautiful life is wiped away No more questions no more prayers No grief in her eyes just a peaceful gaze The end of her earthly days Mother cries beside her bed There is no god, no one who helps The flame of her life has faded away Now she is sleeping with no pain An innocent mind without a stain The line of her life has faded away