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By A Thousand Deaths Fulfilled (Spawn of Possession)

My cloven tongue speak such words of silk, Irresistible I sow dreams, lies they will want to swallow, they give while I collect. Affection, pleasures so forbidden only the strong can withstand and endure. Predatorily instincts, find the right type of lust. Needed for my cause I contract scavengers, beggars, murderers and whores. The scum of this earth is to be the foundation of my ascent Feed my glory, my wisdom now. By a power strong and intense I've been selected. To concur and seduce, once a pawn but soon to rule in glory divine, in glory divine. With my serpent eyes I acquire love and with the strongest hands demand all obedience. A thousand lives for one Freely given through their pain I'll reap what I have planted in this sour soil. And my grave will shed light upon the forsaken. The Icon in my own congregation I am. I enter my podium encircled by outcasts. My apostles and lovers all those cheerful faces. Hysterically laughing their way through this hymn to my person. By a thousand deaths fulfilled. Solo: Karlsson When I open my mouth to speak they'll engulf my words life dogs, screaming. Shouting prayers directed towards the one and I, whom are far superior. I taste the energy flowing from a thousand naked, beaten creeps, sweaty limbs entwined. A mass of feasting flesh, Individuality at last abandoned. Differences erased as my children adjoin through blood and bondage. Entangled, thousands turned to one. A collective mind under my control lead by my will, kneeled before me By a thousand deaths fulfilled