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Deus Avertat (Spawn of Possession)

Even the purest of sinless souls sometimes attracts themselves to spirits long forgotten sleeping A man of curious nature this soon would learn, in his grandma’s old attic He found the hidden piece of wood that forever would change his blissful life Tool of evil, board of riddle, transmitter to the ancient Unforgiving, lures the living, of hell designed mechanics Sends a signal to the shunned side, one asks it, one reads it Whom will answer God only knows Although his Granny warned him deeply he still brought it home for study All he wanted was to try it, for mood he list some candles, poured a glass of vintage absinthe Innocent, wonder, soon to leave for hell, seance begin His hand grabbed the planchette, sweating exited of it went In backwards circles back and forth, demon speech of unknown Twitched his hand and took control, letters started shaping into several words Come join us the sentence read, why he wrote, no reply Who are you, we are mere friends, hear our offer gentle caller You may have goodly gifts just for us to simply visit you The short conversation led on, convincing our host to trade what the spirits wanted Debauching intent, plotting for his soul, brood of ill, attributed to his newly found friends Their agreement sealed a subconscious deal though he could not foresee The effects coming, nails and hair fell off, a lump in his throat was born He started feeling woozy, bowel control he kept losing, soon swimming in his own filth As he got invaded by the tricksters from beyond Wrenching on the floor, the voices pounding in his mind, raving on about death Started to get owned in fetal position, realized the mistake he had made Yelled out tortured leave me be, badly choking on his phlegm Begged in tears for deaf ears, serpents from the other side his body now possessed A broken human woke up in daze, first thing his eye caught On the floor a pile of ash, must’ve lit the board on fire Not sure of what had happened, it all felt weird and blurry He managed to stand, still in pain from last night’s ordeal Back flashes started to haunt his weak memory Grandma’s face covered in blood, limping steps took him there To her house door unlocked called her name silence would not break Up the stairs, met by a horrible death sight of what he’d done Old granny torn apart, down her throat he had rammed her heart Her eyes stared open wide and cold, what was all this meant for? The spirits of the board for years had tried to take her soul This was their vengeance, that’s why they sent him To execute her and be freed forever