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Hidden in flesh (Spawn of Possession)

Septic spirit establish birth Gruesom and enormous pain it will inflict Convulsion the breeding of a Demon reached its final stage of tormentation Rubbing my swollen throat I feel a movement inside my chest Dirty voices vocalize through my mouth I am now a host A premonition I never felt It wants my body as I feel it working Tearing withing an warp my screams What I'm becoming I never knew was real It slowly takes in charge My skin is changing colour My eyes are empty black The soul I through was shining Is deformed and strangely intact Resistance is pointless I know it'll dominate As I deliver my self to its domains "Hidden in flesh" Scratching my skin from the inside I snort, I foam, I bleed through my eyes Hidden in my flesh I know it's real Ravished my soul Time to set out on a killing spree I kill against my will My soul has showed me true abomination They're not much of a choice I try to fight it but my weird Movements is beyond my control Rubbing my swollen throat I feel a movement inside my chest I killed those people, steered By evil I slay, can't stop my actions I am soon to die for all I Care there's no heaven for me For it lies hidden deep down in my soon rotting flesh