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No Light Spared (Spawn of Possession)

How did I get here, surrounded by snow Strong winds keep tearing the flesh off my bones Frost and cold wants my soul, thrown into a blizzard led by crows I hear them croaking to taunt my unfair demise Finally I give up all my strength There's no point resisting when I'm dazed and lost forever in this white and wintry hell Then I see what looks to be a light Could it mean salvation, I start crawling towards it unbeknown of its purpose and plan On my hands and knees I pull myself, my muscles ache from the storm My heart is pounding hard and out of time Then I see the light as I lie there ripped Vanish out of sight, down the entrance to a crypt Down the hole I go into the unknown Slapped in the face by the smell, it's so foul and hints something evil here dwells Still I keep going for what could be worse than the weather outside Seemingly this place should be a peaceful haven I keep pressing but where is the light that saved me Getting further down the dungeons narrow passage Fail to realize the gate behind me closing I light up a match to find myself covered in blood spattered cloth Something is telling me I'm not alone in this wretched sewer A puff of air blows out my tiny flame As a snorting, gnarling sound approaches me fast From every direction, this is it Cornered by a horde of godless creatures, can't flee I see myself get massacred, disjointed by these entities of demon Their glowing eyes lights up my death bed Tears me up and leaves me gutted, seems they found it inside my dead body My soul was all they wanted in the end