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Servitude Of Souls (Spawn of Possession)

Souls are to some the key to living but these can be severely hidden. a cellar so sordid home to a doctor born morbid. his quest in life was to cut out souls with his knife. snatched his victims after night's fall, random targets all humans have a soul then one night, out and stalking he saw a glow around a lonely walker whom he tracked, jumped and overthrew this had to be a special one, he tied her up and brought her home. dragged downstairs, head bumped the steps, all bruised and swelled on the gurney strapped and gagged her screaming yap steady breath behind the surgical mask no thought of giving anesthesia servitude of souls, master robbing anima the knife went deep, the shining grew her spastic body of pain showed proof secret sermon uttered for the soul to stay intact before caught she bit off her own tongue a jar of glass placed carefully next to the... wound she watched her soul slip into it closed the lid and smiled as he let her die, cold and empty. now came the time to merge with glowing treasure of his his dirty glasses reflected his hands as they slowly opened a drawer pulled out a vast collection of jars they all contained his victims sparks the thievish doctor had formed a plan through surgery insert them all into his body slashed a laceration and poured them in, the dead was lying rotting and wouldn't miss a thing servitude of souls, master robbing anima