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Uncle Damfee (Spawn of Possession)

Darkened clouds was watching over the house Father sleeping mother reading From the good book to their child Mother's in the rockinchair By the fireplace reaching a fanatic stage Preaching load and clear the words of delight The child suppose to take pleasure instead Felt sick and distressed Glimpsed the axe, getting up from teh bed, grabs the tool get that crone Unaware of he child behind the mother kept Babbling while the child raised the axe Struck hard, struck fast, must punish parent Burst the crown in pieces, walls got Draped with substance Starring without a word Purified from mothers nagging with full force The child kept striking Litter was now disposed Kissed the rest of her cheek Dropped the axe and tore her bible Feeling fine... The child left the scene ran of into the woods to Vanish while the daybreak kept coming Father awoke as someone Knocked on their door Shocked by the sight Outside stood the mob That would lead His persecution Couldn't speak after what he had seen Labeled insane and locked up in a dark asylum The Diary.... Travelled east the child found warmth and shelter Located its relative uncle Damfee The child opened up and told its uncle its secret Damfee said, with a nervous trembling voice "He's been exposed the father of mine" "I thought he was dead but obviously not, his spirit awoke"