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On The Banks Of The Mississippi (In Vain)

On the banks of the Mississippi An old man sits on his bench Watching the river's water flow Smoking cigarettes as time goes by Reminiscing about the years passed And his loved ones who've gone old Now his life is shortened His better days are gone Watching the moon in the eventide In the cold freezing rain Three destinies in a cruel world With vague dreams buried by loss Laying their burdens down On the banks of the Mississippi On the banks of the Mississippi A woman breaks down in tears Crying for her lost love Who was consumed by the waves On a stormy autumn night Never to be found again Now her life is without meaning Now her life is dead Watching... On the banks of the Mississippi An old sailor is drinking his ale Trying to find peace of mind, trying to ease the pain Regretting his actions of the past, and all those wasted years Time spent at bars around the world, miles away from home Now he longs for someone But no one is to be found Watching... Cast your sorrows to the wind And stay for a while Don't let them bring you down Those sorrows you cannot hide They're tearing you up inside Another day will come When you lay your burdens down