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Sombre Fall, Burdened Winter (In Vain)

In the times of my trial The days slowly moved along But nothing ever changed I struggled to maintain what was left Tried to find some peace of mind Days filled with nothing And no hope in sight Close to losing all ambitions I could not endure In a deteriorating situation Restless sleep Again and again I cried out in the name of desperation Endless nights and shattered expectations Haunted my day I poured myself out Tired of longing Awaited the sunrise But life could get no colder I vanished into obscurity No means of solace, no sign of liberation In a hopeless reality I could not endure As life grew ever bleaker Restless sleep... But as I reflect upon time I realize I made it through one of my worst afflictions Carried through when times were hard Found a meaning in a hopeless situation Found peace by time Through a somber fall and burdened winter With my mind set I resolved the strife My adversary can no longer hold me down Because there is still a fire burning I stand bold and strong And hope to stay positive and live among dreamers Experience the value of life through pain Rise above the depraved Ever vigilant, poised to rise against Set sail against the wind Rather fail, than never try at all Reach for the stars