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Showdown (Ancient Bards)

Shyly I think of my father and the words that he used to say: "Every fighter knows that he's stronger when there's just peace to rule his mind." Like a lightning passing through the sky their true meaning is so clear right now. Slowly I move in a circle, while I search for the balance in me. In this state of stillness and blessing I know who I am and what I can do. In my hand the sword he gave to me, this same hand will make him proud, you'll see. In my mouth the bitter taste of blood, I won't stop 'til he lies face in mud. I saw you in the forest, I heard you scream his name, your stupid whining made me sick and nervous. I could have spared you the sight, but why remove the fun? You needed a true lesson to become the man that you are now. Sendor's face is rabid and tense, it's as if his skin's electrically charged for it sends sparks to the magic sword in an endless cycle of energy. His ever growing strength is far superior than anything seen before! You judge me, my pain you don't understand. I told you, you will die like your dad. Don't call his name, for him I will get revenge. I'm here, ready, feel how sharp is my blade! You had to use a dragon to have me killed and since it failed can you do it yourself? Aren't you tired of the nonsense you say? Your intimidations don't work with me. One way or the other I'm gonna see Surod anyway! The rivals strike each other, the silver blade prevails, the crystal sword gets shattered into pieces. So Daltor with a swift move, no space for second thoughts, shouts: "This is for my father!" then he pierces Sendor through his heart. Sendor's face is peaceful and calm, it's as if all evil has left his soul and though his eyes were touched by the death they sure look more human and more alive. His ever growing strength was far superior than anything seen before!