Depressed Void (Baptism)

I set off to wander in the night, going somewhere pondering the swamps of my minds, unexplored roads Where seems to be even too much time It is extremely hard to feel anything that would be in this world From emptiness and despair total hate shadows reflecting my crumbled body Satanic supremacy, leading my journey to the distance "Now hard it is to understand how our souls can travel without wounds and when once our travel takes us to some stinging, burning, incomprehensible thorn that tries to break our route to darkness because the emptiness is the beginning and the untimely end of our travel" Your overwhelming presence conquers my heart fascinating spirit of Satan! Melancholic feelings, poisonous thoughts, the enormonous will of emptiness Divine idols trampled to wet stone, burnt in dank rain The divine touch of emptiness, ahh. I have come back to my roots. "I cross my hands and pray a new fire for my soul. I close my wounds and rip them open again, with insurmountable hate. Like the worms burrowing in the burial coffings, I crawl to the darker and more anguishing" Rekindling again the flame of soul, to the great shining, burning like a torch The overwhelming yearning of emptiness on the chasms' walls, the light-oppressing trance of darkness