Et Vidimus Gloriam Eius (Baptism)

I am the church for his light I am holy Embrace me Pentagrammaton Peccare et mentiri contra dominum et aversi sumus I see everything clearly as through crystal I see that everything I touch have died long ago I see how the liquid shapes of life are only a dream sand through my fingers, vanity uncountable and endless Spoliavit me gloria mea et abstulit coronam de capite meo Although in this abyss I have understood how the darkness itself is so tender, the pain so adorable I have cried to its beauty and laughed to its fear These long years, which crawl on the mirror surface of my mind like some slimy, sluggish creatures as simulaera or messengers of some unknown and tremendous horrors which I see only vaguely, only suspecting without names, more real than everything Hosanna in profundis And the knife, altar and the sign of Satan are besides before me, in me and in my mind at every moment in every agonized minute and as I scream to God, to the night I don't know if my voice is a praise or a cry of some tormented animal endlessly blood drips from my heart unto this vessel, amazing exploding beauty, my Master and my God Erat lux vera