Chalice of Death (Baptism)

Deep green sea opens, raging to the horizon Ground breaths forth desperate air And from amidst the fire not seen by all, boasts out the voice From the darkness I cry for you (Lord Satan) I see a Fragile constellation, from beyond this universe A breath of death to my inner hell My light as by the will of its creator (Lucifer) A spark from the forge within Earth's core If that breath could set free If I could leave everything and travel beyond realities I would rise to my lips the Chalice of Death and drink without the smallest hesitation Clear pleasure, lascivious strength Fervent, wavelike power Sinä kuoleman malja ja sisäinen tuli Sinä vapahdus ja kadotus kaikessa läsnä Sinusta me olemme tehdyt ja sinuun hajoamme Sinä iänkaikkinen ja ikuinen