Melancholy of a Journeying Soul (Baptism)

My death, so well we know another and now, as we meet face to face I read from your eyes such a wise, perverted love that the believers of our time can never fathom in the dim light of this old forest we are one My soul journeys the path unseen paces of uncountable brethren before me uncountless stars sparkling around me the night, the depth, the velvet a voyage to the darker than darkness... "My joy and my sorrow, the Abysmal Lord within my heart in the moments of silence do the worlds slide to oneness the dagger of Astaroth, moonsickle slices the sky open" Sinun tulessasi koko ruumiini palaa Ja sieluni laulaa ylistyst� sinulle My spirit journeys to the temple of nature the dreary wilderness all around me blazes the divine presence the darkness embraces me and I am one with reality the Jachim and Boaz of the ancient fire hold up the cosmic night above