Morbid Wings of Sathanas (Baptism)

"Temples transformed into tombs are cast down over ashes" (-Eliphas Levi) No more escape to the rotten past of Christian idolatry Future will be the ancient days reborn in understanding From the fertile ashes of Armageddon Under the reign of brilliant star of the Master Under the morbid wings of Sathanas "Christianity was never sincere" (-Eliphas Levi) Hark! So many streams of pagan blood Hark! So many screams of the tortured From the chambers of inquisition From the dungeons of the Christian bastards "Hate in the name of true awakening of nature hate the Creator in the name of supreme primal Darkness" There is only one true God, the Truth itself The majesty of night and kingly mountain scapes The Spirit cloaked wll under the form of the black goat Under the Pan-Theos of a new Serpent Christ "Under the morbid wings of Sathanas wings of master Sathanas" There will be no light left For the new dawn will be black Hail great flames encrowning our lord Lucifer Hail the master enthroned on world cube Hail the glory of the spread wings the morbid wings of Sathanas over us