Spell of Penitence (Baptism)

Silent night, black as the Abyss Stars have fled this evening of Northland Human blood spilled in rivers From hearts rejoicing their destiny Behind is the Baptism of black fire before is Life and Death, joined in eternity Silent night, patterned by cold lights from above As bowels of clouds are torn open Revealed the shining treasures of space Distant gemstones and the moonlike blazing Moon Under these our hearts weep again, again To open to the sacred mysteries of Satan Fratres, agnoscamus peccata nostra Ut apti simus ad sacra mysteria celebranda I have let the light tempt me I have sought happiness before reality I have thought there's something else but me I forgot Thy Grace is in everything "Now, the heart of night is cut open, from darkness the visions of madness are spilled, filled with beauty, full of life" Knowledge older than man is revealed By dedication, by the spells, and the grace of Satan Black embrace of night is opening all around me