The Beherial Midnight (Baptism)

Tonight! Tonight they are baptized in blood Tonight and every night shall they be harnessed by the dark Rindle firestream within thy soul frozen and dead Become, become your eldest father night Become me who own all secrets and the might Become me, be me For blood that was given and then united again I live your veins, be me My essence of hate and evil (rears deep with the ice cold obsession) To stained altar of ancient times thou hast come To the crimson pool of the stars Reflecting dead constellations in the night And pease my wrath, serve it well For the sake of madness accepted ...wisdom's crown the gem-laid paradox... Worship my eternality in this evertime baptism of blood Worship my torment in The Beherial Midnight Serve me well and be me Live in me and I'l release your mortality Powers of magic in luciferian light