The Prayer (Baptism)

All is made with human hands Yet no laughter heard But cracks on broken idols are smiling When fire out-poured Darkness became light When you can't see Samael you're him These words are silence, like all else My Master, why hast thou remembered me Kneeling at my altar of everything Three gates below grant paradise by breaking it Behold through me, for you are the Eye Serpents crawl from older dusks Soon hunting on altars of flesh Knowing you I will become that prey Which grows only stronger by its perpetual death And when I will stand on the ashes I Will see I Will see the face of God The edge of horizon who splits the night Hearing the blessing Of discordant choir From the depths I call for you O' Lord From the forms and names I reach for You You are the blood and you are the nerves You are the hands that unite in Prayer "All of it consumed, fools gold turned to blessing The wounds upon my palms, pierced by no shallow words Still time to wake up, no time to look back, though" No more waiting Indulge on blood-baked bread It's everything From fertile ashes Behind the stars Of darkness Of Master For my time I have taken