The Worshipper (Baptism)

"I am waiting "Dead but dreaming" For my time The time Of Master Of my God Of darkness Of light that shines from Behind the stars Behind everything That is now rotten Times Which were nothing Lies of the past Era of human indulgence But now I am waiting The time which is near The time which is gone so long before The time of my Master The time of awakening from the life The time of superior truth of death" I've swallowed the swords Which were meant for you I've suffered the nails Which were crafted for your persecution You ignorant ones are who I hate With this titanic wrath With this all-consuming hatred Pain is the meaning Pain is the glory In this pain are the keys of all holiness Hearken as I bless you Feel the exaltation of the pure flames The edge of Satan's sword Pressing its godly mark on you "I see, brothers, You won't believe me But I see That something which has crept so long in the dark Would soon be an erect God amidst us Amidst our dreams, the Truth Born from chaos, and of death its life is strengthened My Master Come, I pray, knowing that you will Emerge, I am thy gate I am the altar I am no self, I am everything Holiness, the blasting light of new dawn's majesty But will they see? Without eyes? - I thought not" Blood-painted dawn of eternity Gates of fire, I see as the billowing clouds break In my prayer of darkness Kneeling at my altar of stone and the one of flesh This putrid flesh of mine My Master, why hast thou remembered me But not every being? Why hast thou not told of yourself with better lips than mine These which are black with my blood? "I know that I am blind, my brothers And because of this I see the light The light, the darkness - listen and understand Why is the flesh of earth opened to existence? Why do the last flames still delay? In this madness I see crystal reality as something Broken on the palm of God In the fist of Satan And hearken that laugh - voice of Satan Dismal ravishing euphoria of death From all that is made with human hands Perish Now"