True Devotion (Baptism)

In deep devotion and respect I kneel before the black-clad altar with grief and glory, love and rage sweet tunes and the Doomsday's hell-clang playing in my dark soul's scenery and beyond the frozen waste divinity presents itself A Satan's servant I am a pupil of forgotten doctrines of nature's grandeur, courage and self true wisdom of my god I choose to serve without he bonds of the prayer-beads without the collar of orthodoxy Apotheosis of my human spark shedding away its reptile skin as the true light embraces these ravines of mortality hell awakens and is conquered = by me my own liege, my lord I am channelling my magic through this human focus In the embrace of the divine flames I walk had I tears, I'd weep for this splendour the unseen temple portals open wide in hilarious blasphemy or a manasir prayer animal masks will betray the godly countenances no dogma for the Satanic order Lucifer's children are free