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Clear Channel (Fuck Off!) (Leftöver Crack)

The Sovereign Insincerity The monopoly of greed Nickleback, POD, Rancid, Britany & Creed The Bureaucrats they leech upon to mediocre trends Your song in heavy rotation from the cash your label spends From the products you promote for the ones who foot the bill A Prefabricated goose-step for the pockets that you fill The monotony of censored products shine in the display The same old song of compromise went platinum today. From town to town & state to state The same old song you love to hate The same shit stacked upon your plate rotate again & syndicate We've been waiting far too long too change the band, too change the song through every day & dusk & dawn We've been brain-washed to sing along No difference between the hot new single & the Pepsi ads commercial jingle The beauty's withered faded crinkle Just sip the coke & pop the pringle THe boardroom is the dragons lair They play us shit 'cuz they dont care The clearest channel plays unfair & we all want you off the air Overdose on shoddy culture; mediocre trends Auto-Tune the bottom line as a mean to meet the ends Merging corporate empires create the ill conglomerations & buy up to reprogram major market radio stations Fabricate one single voice broadcast from sea to sea What once held notions of change & choice is now being controlled fully Deregulations raised the edge of expolitations bar Politics replaced by "bling" & clothes & fancy cars Trapped imaginations from the video's blinding light Bombarded with monotony that captivates the sight The channel we've been tuned to is all frigid, blank and clear Told what to eat & drink & buy and whom to hate & fear POisoned by the fairy-tale, A capitalistic dream Go to sleep, You're free and brave, and on the winning team