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Feed The Children (Book Of Lies) (Leftöver Crack)

You sow the seeds of endless chumps and reap the weak with bible thumps you cross your t's and dot your eyes to fill the world with vapid lies your judging ways are sick to death your ignorance and praying breath you profit from a confused land that toils and dies to understand we're born in pain and trapped in doom our empty lives in empty rooms the bible empties guilty minds while cries for help face shutting blinds these blind all scream for me to see and disregard the ills of history these fairy tales are memorized and spew from mouths with empty eyes No feeling good book stole it away another preacher fakes to focus on collection plates another sheep to masterbate in book of names by ivory gates you're lost, you'll never find a flock of sheep with rotting minds the cost, is suffering 2000 years and more in time and no one knows just what to do and soon they'll set their sites on you the ignorant all hide in mass (while) they cook the books; revise the past the winners write the lying tombs in a brave new world we're locked in "homes" that pharmacize for docile proles that digs us down in deeper holes (the) progress comes in bloody waves the sword swings broad for blood it craves the pawns still toil for dying dreams we televise their bloody screams such sadness nothing to do but pray another victim dies, another moral suicide "no more book of lies - instead of food," the hungry cried you're lost, you'll never find between the pews the rotting mind no trust, the ties that bind the little lies that burn and blind (in) human nature's greed and lust our hopes and dreams decay to dust confusion from their lies is rife we're crushed beneath our debts in life i'm told i've made the wrong mistake but what am i supposed to take the fabric frays; the screws are loose we're sick of lies and mind abuse